Building Restoration Project - Kolbe Academy

Building Restoration Project

Our Homeschool Office Needs Repairs!

One of the key factors in keeping our educational resources affordable to families is our building, which was generously donated to us 25 years ago.

However, at nearly 85 years old, our office is in dire need of repairs!

Our building desperately needs new windows, lighting, paint, and plumbing. We have estimated the total cost to be around $300,000.

Without your help, this cost could significantly impact our ability to provide financial aid and affordable educational materials.

Will you donate today to help us restore our building?

Plaque For Donors

We are creating a plaque with the names of our generous donors to place at the foot of our life-size reproduction of the Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias.

  • Donors up to $250 will have their name placed in our prayer jar
  • Donors up to $500 will have one name placed on a standard nameplate
  • Donors up to $1000 will get a small custom tile with two lines of text
  • Donors up to $5000 will get a medium custom tile with three lines of text
  • Donors over $5000 will get a large custom tile with four lines of text

We will include these donors in our intentions every day when we gather to pray the Angelus. 


Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of our program and for all your past support.

It is you, our strong supporters, that help make this possible. May God bless you and enrich you as you prayerfully consider contributing to this critical capital campaign.

Yours in Christ, 

Mary Rowles Executive Directior