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Enroll now! See what’s new for the 20-21 School Year

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Returning families should have already received an email with a “snapcode” for each returning student. The “snapcode” will allow you to re-enroll for the 2020-2021 school year.


Step 1: Pre-enroll by completing the application on our website

Step 2: Complete student enrollment using your snapcode link – All new families can expect an email on March 23rd with a “snapcode” to complete student enrollment.

Step 3: Choose your child’s courses! After completing the student enrollment form, you will be directed to the course enrollment form to choose courses for your child.

Step 4: Visit our bookstore to purchase books! When you shop for your textbooks directly from the Kolbe Academy bookstore, you aid us in our mission to provide a classical and truly Catholic education for every family.

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Attend our Enrollment Process Webinar on Monday, March 23rd at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific! An admissions representative will present detailed information on applying, enrolling, and choosing courses for the 2020-21 academic school year. This event is open to all new and returning families.



Read about our enrollment options, tuition pricing, admissions events and new courses and programs below!

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New Courses and Programs for the 2020-21 School Year

Full-Time Online Tuition

We’re excited to announce a brand new tuition option for full-time, online students.  One price. Incredible savings. Unprecedented support.  Click for more information!

Some of the NEW perks:

  • One all-inclusive price
  • Free self-paced plus course (a $499 value)
  • $500 bookstore credit
  • NEW Concierge Service: An Academic Advisor will save you time by selecting your courses and your books
  • NEW Family Advisor: Consistent support all year long


Our popular online Homeroom program will now be open to ALL 6-12 students whether taking online, self-paced, or homeschool courses with Kolbe.  Homeroom is a dynamic and interactive environment where students work together to master study skills, collaboration, technology skills, and the ins and outs of the online environment.  There are no grades, as this course is meant to serve as a “home-base” for the student at Kolbe. Throughout the year, the students will tackle a variety of topics—social, spiritual, and academic all ordered towards their success at Kolbe Academy.

Homeroom 11 & 12

New this year, Kolbe will begin offering a homeroom program for grades 11 and 12. In Homeroom 11, students will focus on SAT/ACT test prep as well as preparing for the college selection and application process throughout the school year.  In Homeroom 12, throughout first semester only, students will focus on college applications, the common application, writing college essays, and other items necessary for the college admissions process.  More information coming soon!

English Courses

Kolbe has spent much of the past year reviewing and revising much of our English curriculum with the help of our expert English and Literature faculty.  

English Composition & Grammar Grades 3-8

In grades 3-8 we will now be using the 2018 edition of the Voyages in English curriculum. We’ve long used the much older version, published by Lepanto, but in evaluating our Language Arts options, felt that the new edition offers a significant improvement in the way composition is presented, while retaining the strengths of the older series in traditional grammar instruction. This will be a comprehensive program in a single text for both composition and grammar, improving usability for both students and parents.

English 9, 10, 11

Last year was our first year offering High School English 1: Composition and Grammar, the first in our series of revisions to our High School English program. We’re excited to roll out High School English 2: Composition and Logic, and High School English 3: Composition and Rhetoric this year. These 3 courses complete our more full implementation of the classical trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

Foreign Language Courses

Kolbe has added a few additional foreign language offerings!

Online Greek 1 and 2

Kolbe is teaming up with Dr. Almanzar and the incredible staff at Magdalene College to bring our students the opportunity to enroll in Greek 1 or Greek 2 for the 2020-21 School Year.  The beloved Dr. Almanzar will teach a hybrid format of live online and in-person Greek 1 and Greek 2 courses in the facilities of Magdalene College.  Kolbe students will receive live online instruction at the same time as the students enrolled at Magdalene, but will also receive additional instruction using Adobe Connect on a weekly basis.  Details and times are TBD.

Self-Paced and Homeschool French 3

Kolbe Academy is excited to offer French 3 in our self-paced and homeschool formats.  We will continue to offer it as an online course as well, but we are happy to have this course in all three of our course formats starting in the 2020-21 School Year.

Homeschool Latin for Grades 5 and 6

Kolbe will continue to implement the Little Latin Readers series in our elementary and middle school Latin program.  The new Latin courses will be rolled out for grades 5 and 6.  The middle school online Latin courses will continue to use Form Latin for the 20-21 School Year. 

Elective Courses

Kolbe has added a few online one-semester elective courses to help round out its online curriculum offerings. 


Our new online health elective is aimed at 9th or 10th graders.  It will cover physical fitness, nutrition, abstinence, and hygiene.  This course will be taught alongside sources that incorporate Theology of the Body as well as a student workbook with fitness and nutrition information.  This one semester course will count as 5 Physical Education credits and will be offered in second semester.  More information coming soon!


Many states require a semester of Government credit, and this online course is now available for Kolbe students to enroll! This one-semester course will typically be taken by 11th or 12th grade students but any high school student can enroll.  The course will use Kolbe’s current homeschool Government course as a spine for the course with a few additional sources added in to round the course out.  It will be offered in second semester of the 2020-21 School Year.  More information coming soon!


In this one semester online course, students will learn the importance of using good materials, complete drawing exercises, and finish two master copy drawings using a rigorous step-by-step methodology with the help of a teacher. This one semester course will count as 5 Fine Arts credits and will be offered in first semester.  Click for more information!


In this one semester online course, students will learn the importance of good painting materials & brushes, how to maintain a clean & safe studio, set up a still life, and learn how to represent objects in paint with a limited palette. This one semester course will count as 5 Fine Arts credits and will be offered in second semester.  Pre-requisite: Drawing.  Click for more information!


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