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Online K-5 Program: Updates & Upcoming Events

Dear Kolbe Online Elementary Families,
I have some exciting updates regarding the K-5 Online Program!
We are so thankful to have you joining our school next year, and we look forward to helping your children grow in faith, knowledge, and virtue. 
The interest in our elementary program has been amazing! We have been working hard to make sure your year runs smoothly, and our students get the instructional time and support they need.
We are thrilled to be able to offer more live meeting times for our elementary families to accommodate our learners in different time zones. 
We will be opening additional sections for 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This means we will be able to schedule families more accurately to their time zone prioritizing EST families in the earlier classes. This is updated on the website, so follow this link for a visual! I hope to have the teachers, class placements and official schedules out to everyone in time for our first Parent Orientation Session on August 6th.

Here is a link to our teacher page, we have many of our elementary teachers on the website already, but will update as we add our new 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers to the list. I look forward to an amazing year and cannot wait to get everyone together for our yearly kick-off!
Additionally, we have had a huge interest in the optional Latin classes for grades 3-5, which we were not originally anticipating.  We will need to add additional time slots for this as well! Due to instructor scheduling, your child’s Latin class may be scheduled outside of the originally planned Wednesday. 
Lastly, after careful discernment we are going to formally incorporate the Religion curriculum into our Monday live class time. Religion will be held for 20 minutes immediately follow the 20-minute Monday kick-off meeting (students will receive a short break in-between to sing a morning song, get a drink, stretch). We felt it was necessary to have dedicated live time to the Queen of the subjects and know this will help our students thrive in their Religion studies this year!
Thank you for your flexibility and prayers during these coming months as we get everyone prepared for Fall.
Here is your start of school year timeline:
July to August – Enroll, Order Books, Get Your Tech & Supplies!

August 3rd – Schedules and Account Information sent to families!

August 6th – Parent Orientation, 2:00 PM Eastern (Option 1 of 3)

August 10th – Tech Appointments and Tech Check Room Available for New Students to test webcam and audio.

August 17th – Welcome Emails from your Teachers, Welcome Videos, and Welcome Week!

August 19th – Parent Orientation, 11:00 AM Eastern (Option 2 of 3)

August 24th – Live classes meet as scheduled for the first time with in-class orientation K-5 and live assessments (K-2). K-2 teachers will email assessment scheduling to families with their welcome letter. The students will have a written assessment to complete and turn in before their live face-to-face assessment. The face-to-face assessment is more informal and a chance for your child to chat with the teacher and answer some basic questions. 

August 28th – Parent Orientation, 12:00 PM Eastern (Option 3 of 3)


Ad majoram Dei gloriam!