Activating Your Parent Schoology Account - Kolbe Academy

Activating Your Parent Schoology Account

Once a Kolbe administrator has created your Schoology parent account, you will receive an email notification with your login information.

Picture of Schoology Registration email in inbox


Open the email and click the “Login Link” URL.

Parent Schoology activation email details


On the Schoology login page that opens, enter the username and password provided from the email.

Schoology parent login page (



If you share a computer with your student, it is highly recommended that you each use a separate internet browser for Schoology (e.g. if your student uses the Chrome browser to access his Schoology account, you may choose to use Mozilla Firefox to access yours). 

This will help eliminate confusion that can occur when a student and parent use the same browser.  For example, the “student view” in the Parent Schoology account looks almost identical to the student’s actual account, with the exception that assignments/quizzes cannot be submitted, and videos may not be viewable.