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Creating an Inbox Rule in Microsoft Outlook 2016

This article covers Microsoft Outlook 2016, but the process should be similar for earlier versions of Outlook.

Open you Outlook application, and right click the email for which you wish to create a rule.   Locate and hover your mouse over “Rules” from the menu that appears, then select “Create Rule…”

Select your rule’s parameters:

In our above example, we’ve created a rule for any emails from with a subject of “Your Children’s Daily Schoology Summary.”

We are also going to select the last option in the image above (“Move the item to folder”), which will bring up a list of the folders in your Outlook account.  In this tutorial, we’ll create a new folder to house our Schoology Daily Summary notifications.  Highlight the inbox where the Schoology folder will go, then click the “New” button.


Name the folder in the next window that appears, then push OK.


Locate the new folder you just created (most likely under your Inbox), highlight it, then press OK.


Verify your settings are correct, then press OK.


Your rule has been created.  Click the “Run this rule…” check box on the Success window to apply the rule to all messages in your inbox that match your parameters.

Your specified emails will now be filed to your “Schoology Notifications” folder!  For emails you don’t want to receive at all, you can opt to send them to your spam/junk folder.