Creating an Inbox Rule in Outlook 365 (Online) - Kolbe Academy

Creating an Inbox Rule in Outlook 365 (Online)

Open your Microsoft Outlook online account (student MyKolbe accounts are hosted on this platform) and locate an email for which you want to create a rule.  Right click on the email, then find and click “Create rule…”


Select your rule’s conditions:

In our above example, we’ve created a rule for any emails from Schoology to Demo Parent with a subject that contains the words “posted a school update to Kolbe Academy online.”  To view the email address associated with Schoology for this rule, click “Schoology” (next to “It was received from…”):


Then click the “Schoology” bubble…


…Where we can see the email address associated with the rule is


Click “Cancel” to return to the rule creation page.  Next, in this tutorial, we’re going to add the message to a folder we create called “Schoology Notifications.”  Under the “Do all of the following” section, verify the action box says “Move the message to the folder…”, then press “Select one…”


This will open a list of your account’s folders:


To create a new subfolder, right click on folder you want to be the parent folder, then click “Create a subfolder…”

NOTE: We’re using the Inbox for this example, but you can choose any folder you want, including the Trash folder.


Name your subfolder (we called ours “Schoology Notifications”), then push OK.


Once your rule’s settings are finished, click “OK” at the top of the frame, and your rule will be applied.


NOTE:  You may notice a check-box at the bottom of the rules creation frame that says “Stop processing more rules.”  We recommend keeping this box checked, unless you want to create advanced email rules (which is outside the scope of this article).


This article only gives one example of a rule.  Click the drop-down arrows of rule conditions and actions to view all different options available for email rules.