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How to Create an Inbox Filter in Gmail

Open your Gmail inbox.  Check the box next to the email that will receive your filter (only one email needs to be checked to create the rule – other emails that match will be filtered from your inbox later).


On the inbox’s menu bar, click the icon with three vertical dots, then select “Filter messages like these.”


Edit the basic attributes of your filter.

Once you’ve added the basics, click “Create filter” and finish the filter customizations. 

In our above example, the filter has been set to the following:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it):  This is a good option when you receive many emails for one kind of notification.  You might want to be able to access all notifications, but you might not want to be notified via email (in your inbox) every single time an email comes through.
  • Apply the label: You can take inbox organization one step further by creating and applying labels to emails.  Labels are similar to email folders in other email clients.
  • Also apply filter to matching conversations:  When selected, applies the filter to any other emails in your inbox that match your filter.

Once finished creating your filter, click “Create filter.”

The filter has been applied.  Based on the example in this article, Schoology emails that contain the words “has commented on your submission” are moved from the inbox to the label/folder selected during the filter creation process, and going forward emails that match the filter will be automatically placed in their assigned label.


If you want to bypass labels and send specific emails directly to trash, you can do so by selecting the “Delete it” option during the filter creation process.