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Adobe Connect Application and Browser Set Up

Once you have successfully logged in to your Adobe Connect account and have verified that your time zone settings are correct, it’s time to download and install the required Adobe Connect application so that you can successfully enter virtual classrooms.

Adobe Connect System Requirements

Not all systems are compatible with the Adobe Connect application.  Please read the official Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page to verify that the student’s system meets the requirements.  If the system cannot run the application, you should still be able to log in to Adobe Connect classrooms from your internet browser.  Instructions for both methods of accessing the Adobe Connect platform are found on this page.


Technical Requirements

To get the most functionality from Adobe Connect, the installation of an application is required.  Before installing the application, make sure your system meets the requirements by reviewing the Adobe Connect Technical Requirements page.  (If your system does not meet the requirements, please skip to the Using Adobe Connect on a Browser section below.)

To install the application (or test to see if their system meets the requirements), visit the following URL:

Note: ALL students should bookmark the above page, whether the system meets the requirements or not, as it will be used to install Adobe Connect updates and to troubleshoot common platform issues.


Installing the Application

Upon visiting the Meeting Test URL, first-time Adobe Connect users will be brought to a page that will give them a few options:

  • Run Diagnostic Test
  • Install Adobe Connect
  • Enable/Install Flash Player

After you verify that your system meets the requirementsclick the “Install Adobe Connect” button before doing anything else. 


Returning and current Adobe Connect users may be brought to a page that immediately runs the meeting test to check for the application install.  If the application is not installed, an error will appear, and you should click the “Install Adobe Connect Application” button.


This will bring up a prompt to install the Adobe Connect Add-In.  Click “Yes” to begin the install process.


Once the application has been installed, re-run the Meeting Test.  If the install was successful, you will see green check marks next to all four steps.


If the application install was not successful, you will see an error message next to step four, and you should continue to the “Using Adobe Connect on a Browser” section below.


Using Adobe Connect on a Browser

If you are not able to install the Adobe Connect application, you can still access classes from you internet browser as long as Adobe Flash is up-to-date.  Note that Adobe Flash should be set to allowed for the URL.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

To check if Flash is installed on your system, visit and follow the instructions on the page.

If you are prompted to install Adobe Flash, make sure to uncheck the boxes in the “Optional Offers” section before clicking the “Install now” button.


If Flash is installed on the your computer, it may not be activated for websites unless it is set to allowed; the URL should always be set to allowed to ensure that classrooms will open correctly every class time.  Below are instructions on how to activate Flash for specific websites on supported browsers:

 Internet Explorer (Windows 7 and 8.1)

 Internet Explorer (Windows 10)

 Edge (Windows 10)

 Mozilla Firefox (any operating system)

 Google Chrome (any operating system)

 Safari (Mac OS)

 Opera (any operating system)