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Downloading Microsoft Office 365 – Kindergarten to 5th Students

One of the great features about your MyKolbe account is that it gives your student the ability to download Microsoft Office on up to 5 separate devices (computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.).  This article walks you through how to locate and download the install file for the Office Suite.


Important Note: If You Already Have Microsoft Office…

If you already have an Office Suite installed on the computer your student will be using (or any one-off Microsoft applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) then the install will not be successful.  Microsoft does not allow duplicate instances of their Suite/products on a device.   If this is the case, it is recommended that you just use the Microsoft Suite already on your student’s computer, as the MyKolbe Microsoft license will be disabled after a student graduates or is no longer enrolled at Kolbe.


Logging In for the First Time

Students receive login information for and via a welcome email sent to the parent’s email address on file with Kolbe.  These accounts are linked by a protocol called Single Sign-On (SSO).  This means that when you, the student, update your password on either or, the password for the other site is automatically updated.

How to Log In

Students log in at the URL

Your parent will receive your login information via email within 3 business days prior to the start of the online school year.

You will be taken to a Microsoft sign-in page.  Select the “Work or school account” option, then enter your email address and password.



Locating and Installing Microsoft Office

On the “My account” page, locate the “Install status” box and click the “Install Office” button. 


This will prompt the file to be downloaded to your computer.


Once the download is complete, locate and open the install file from your browser.  Depending on the browser, you may see the file show up at the bottom of the browser window (as shown in the image below); otherwise, you will need to locate the file from the “Downloads” folder either from within the browser or from directly on the computer.


If the computer is using Windows 10, you will likely be prompted with a warning message that the app you are installing is not one that is verified from the Windows app store.  This is because you are downloading it from Microsoft’s website (through your MyKolbe account), instead of purchasing the apps from the Windows 10 Store.  Click the “Install anyway” button if you see this message.


You may be prompted with a pop-up window that says, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”  Select “Yes” to continue the installation process, and follow the instructions to complete the Microsoft Office Suite installation.

When you are asked to enter your login information upon your first login to an Office app, select “School or Work account”, then enter your student’s MyKolbe email address and password.