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Labster Student Account Set Up and Use

This article shows the student how to create and use a Labster account.


Creating/Logging into a Labster Account

Entering your Access Code

Opening Simulations

Completing Simulations



Creating/Logging into a Labster Account

The steps shown below are the same for all laboratory simulations.  The only difference between the subject labs is the access code that will need to be entered.

Homeschool and Self-Paced students will enter the access codes received by e-mail from Kolbe after purchasing online access in the bookstore.  Online students will receive access codes and information on creating an account from their instructors.

To access the Labster website, go to  Once there, click “log in”.


You will be sent to the log in page.  If you already have a Labster account, you will be able to log in with your email and password.  If you do not have an account, you will need to create it.  To create an account, click “Create an Account.”

Follow the prompt to create and account.  Once created, you will be asked to log in and after logging in, you will see a homepage as shown below.


Entering your Access Code

Click on “Enter Access Code” and enter the access code given to you by your instructor or sent to you from Kolbe.


After you enter the access code, you should see your courses on your homepage.  From here, select whichever course you need by clicking “View Course” and you will be sent to the course welcome page.


Opening Simulations

On your course welcome page, click on “simulation” to be directed to all available simulations.  You may have to click on the links underneath the headers in order to see all of the simulations.  Not all simulations will be available under one header.


As an example, under the header, “Chemistry”, click on “General Chemistry” to see available simulations.


However, these may not be all of the simulations you need in your course, so you may have to find the assigned simulation under “General Science” or “Physics”, etc.  Once going through all available headers and links, if you still do not see the assigned simulation, email your instructor or contact Labster support through their website.

After you select the assigned simulation, click on “Play Simulation.”


Completing Simulations

The simulation will open in a new window.  It will show a loading screen.  It can take a few minutes for the simulations to load, so please be patient.  If loading is stuck at 25% for a long period of time, you may want to close all internet windows, restart your computer, and try again.  If this does not help the simulation load, please contact Labster support.


Please make sure that you meet the following software requirements:

  • Processor: Dual core 2 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB or more
  • Graphic card: Intel HD 3000/GeForce 6800 GT/Radeon X700 or higher
  • OS: Windows or Mac OS

Suggested browsers: Latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (many use Chrome without issue)


Once the simulation loads, you will click on “Start” to begin the lab simulation.


After clicking “Start,” a new full screen window will pop open and begin the lab.  Many labs have sound effects, so please use sound when possible.  Each lab will begin differently, but they all have the same pad that you will use to complete the lab.

The pad shows all instructions as well as theory background, available media, the lab mission, current instruction, score, and progress.


The theory page shows relevant background information that can be helpful when answering questions within the lab.


The media page shows any relevant media that is helpful in completing the lab.


The mission page shows all steps in the lab.  Once the step is completed, it will be checked off automatically with a blue square.


The top tab has the score earned as you answer questions throughout the lab.  Some labs require multiple “days”, which is shown next.  Time is then shown (it is not based on your current time, but rather the time given by the simulation).  Finally, the progress shows how far into the lab you are.  Once at 100%, you will be able to take a screenshot of your score, which some instructors may ask for.  A calculator is also available.

If you need to exit the full screen simulation, either press the ESC button on your keyboard or the minimize button on the screen.



For any support or questions, please contact Labster.  You can either search for articles or contact support.  The site address for help is

 To put in a support ticket, click on “Contact our Support” then “Contact Student Support.”


Please be as specific as possible in your ticket and forward the ticket confirmation email on to your instructor.  Please use your Kolbe email address for any correspondence with Labster.