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Logging in to Your Schoology Student Account

Schoology accounts are used by online and self-paced students to access course content.  This article walks you through how to log in to the Schoology platform.


Logging In for the First Time

Logging In to Schoology


Logging In for the First Time

Online and self-paced students receive login information for mykolbe.org and kolbe.schoology.com via a welcome email sent to the parent’s email address on file with Kolbe.  These accounts are linked by a protocol called Single Sign-On (SSO).  This means that when you, the student, update your password on either mykolbe.org or kolbe.schoology.com, the password for the other site is automatically updated. 


Logging In to Schoology

Students log in at the URL kolbe.schoology.com.

Note:  Parents and primary educators log in using a different URL (app.schoology.com).

If you are an online student, your parent will receive your login information via email within 3 business days before the start of the online school year.  If you are a self-paced student, your parent will receive student login information via email by the “approximate school start date” listed on the your Kolbe Academy enrollment form.

When visiting kolbe.schoology.com, you will be taken directly to the Schoology student homepage if you are actively logged in at mykolbe.org.  Otherwise, you will be taken to a Microsoft sign-in page.  If you are directed here, select the “Work or school account” option, then enter your mykolbe.org email address and password.