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Self-Paced Plus Grades in Schoology

Parents and primary educators can track Self-Paced Plus assignment grades from the student view within the Schoology Parent account.  Note that the student view in the parent’s Schoology account does not have the same permissions as a student’s personal Kolbe Schoology account.  To learn more about Schoology student accounts and their settings, visit the Student Schoology Account Settings and Notifications  article.


Switching to the Student View

Viewing Overall Grades in the Student View

SP+ Course Specific Grades


Important Note about SP+ Assignment Grades

It is important to understand that a self-paced course is ultimately a homeschool course, meaning that you, the parent, have the final say regarding grades.  You may choose to use all, some, or none of the SP+ assignment grades when submitting a grade report to Kolbe for an official transcript.  You may also choose to use grades of assignments that you graded directly.

Email if you have questions about submitting assignments and grade reports to Kolbe.


Switching to the Student View

When you start a new login session with your Schoology parent account, it will default to the student view of your parent account.  However, if you are already looking at the parent view of your account, you need to switch back to the student view to view grades.

To toggle from the parent view to the student view, click the drop-down arrow found to the top-right of the Schoology page, then click on a students name to switch.


If you have multiple students enrolled in online or self-paced courses, you can toggle between views of each student or one view of all students by clicking one of your students’ names or selecting “All Children.”


Viewing Overall Grades in the Student View

You can track Self-Paced Plus assignment grades from the student view within your Schoology Parent account.

To view a student’s grades in detail, click the “Grades/Attendance” tab to the left side of the screen.  This will bring up a list of all the student’s current courses.  Clicking on a course title will expand the grading periods for the course, clicking the drop-down arrows listed under the course will expand upon the course’s grading periods and categories, and ultimately individual grades.

Note: While there is also an attendance tab, to view, Kolbe does not currently utilize the attendance feature in Schoology.


Self-Paced Plus Course-Specific Grades

Once your student has submitted some assignments and the administrative teacher has graded them, you can view the grades of those assignments in one place by visiting the “Grades” tab to the left side of the SP+ course’s page.  This will bring up a drop-down list that can be expanded down from the overall school year down to each individual assignment within the course’s categories.

Note: Kolbe Academy publishes grades for Semester 1 and Semester 2 on official transcripts.  An “overall” grade that averages the two semesters is not published on the official transcripts.