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Self-Paced Plus Schoology Assignments

Students enrolled in Self-Paced Plus courses at Kolbe Academy will be able to submit assignments through Schoology for grading by the Self-Paced Plus course’s administrative teacher.  Assignments can be submitted by various methods and in several file formats.  The way you submit assignments will depend on the nature of the assignment and its requirements.  The different submission methods will be discussed below.


Locating an Assignment

Uploading & Submitting a File

Creating an Assignment within Schoology

Recording & Submitting Audio/Video in Schoology

Viewing Submitted Assignments

Resubmitting Assignments

Viewing SP+ Assignment Grades

Locating a Self-Paced Plus (SP+) Assignment

Schoology assignments have “(SP+)” at the end of their titles and are listed with the following icon:


To locate an assignment, open your course’s Schoology page, navigate to the “Materials” folder, then click the drop-down arrow of the correct Semester and Weekly folder where the assignment is listed.


Once you’ve located the assignment, open it to view it’s full instructions.  After you’ve completed the assignment, click the “Submit” button to the right side of the page to turn it in for grading.


Uploading & Submitting a File

The most common method used to submit assignments in Schoology is using the upload feature, which is the default method that appears once you’ve clicked the “Submit Assignment” button.  To upload a file, click the “File” icon (shown in the image below), which will allow you to locate and select your homework file from your computer.  You also have the option to add a comment to the homework assignment before submission.


One you’ve chosen the correct file, click the “Submit” button.


Creating an Assignment within Schoology

While it is recommended to create your homework assignment in a program like Word, as there is less risk in losing your work, you can also create and submit an assignment from directly within Schoology.

To do this, click the “Submit Assignment” button on the assignment’s page, then on the submission window, click the “Create” tab.


A rich text editor will appear, allowing you to create formatted text and insert images, links, and tables.  Once you are done, click the “Submit” button, and your assignment will be sent to your teacher for grading.  Notice that you can also save a draft as you work within Schoology.


If you choose to save a draft of an assignment created in Schoology, you can return to it from the assignment’s page by clicking the “Edit Draft” button under the Submissions section to the right side of the page. 

Note: Unless you are using the “Create” method to submit a short assignment, it is highly recommended that you create your homework in an application on your computer and use the “Upload” method instead.  If you are in the middle of creating an assignment in Schoology and your internet goes out, you are susceptible to losing any work that has not been already submitted or saved as a draft.


Recording & Submitting Audio/Video in Schoology

Some assignments may instruct you to submit a recording of your voice or a video of yourself.  You can use applications on your computer to create audio/video files, and upload and submit them via the recommended method.  However, if it is a quick assignment that you can easily redo in the event of internet issues, or if you do not have recording programs on your computer, you can also record audio and video from directly within Schoology.

To do this, click the “Submit Assignment” button on the assignment’s page.


Select whether you want to record audio or video/audio, then record and submit your assignment.

Note: Flash must be installed and up-to-date on your browser for this method to work correctly.


Viewing Self-Paced Plus Submitted Assignments

Once you’ve submitted an SP+ assignment, you can view it by clicking on the “Assignment Submitted” link under the submissions section. 


This will allow you to review your submitted assignment as your teacher will see it, and view “Submission Activity” to the right side of the page.


You can add comments to the “Submission Activity” section, and your teacher can comment here, as well.


Resubmitting Assignments

You may occasionally find that you want to re-submit an assignment.  This can be done by clicking the “Re-Submit Assignment” button from the assignment’s page.


Once you’ve re-submitted the assignment, you will see all versions you’ve submitted under the “Submissions” section on the assignment’s page.


If you open one of the Revision links in the Submissions section, you will see that the Submissions Activity section has been updated with your new activity.


Viewing SP+ Assignment Grades

Once your assignment has been graded by the course’s administrative teacher, the grade will show up on the top right corner of the assignment’s page.


You can view a full list of the Self-Paced Plus course’s grades by viewing the gradebook, as outlined in the Self-Paced Plus Gradebook article.