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Using the Adobe Connect Application

This page discusses how students can access their Adobe Connect virtual classrooms directly from the Adobe Connect application, which is the recommended method.  If your system is not compatible with the Adobe Connect application, view the instructions on the Accessing Adobe Classrooms from an Internet Browser article.


Opening the Adobe Connect Application

If your computer meets the requirements and you’ve installed the Adobe Connect application, you can open classrooms directly from your computer without using a browser.  After the application install, a desktop shortcut was likely added to your computer.

This will open the Adobe Connect application, where – after following the instructions in the section below – you will be able to enter virtual classrooms quickly without using an internet browser.


Locating Classroom URLs

The first time you open the application, you will need to know the URL of the classroom you are trying to open.


The easiest way to find a classroom’s Adobe Connect URL is to visit the course’s Schoology page, where it can be located under the “Information” section to the left side of the page.  Copy the URL from here so you can paste it into the Adobe Connect application.

Note: The URL will be broken up into 2 lines – be sure to copy the entire URL.


You can also find the URL on the homepage of your Adobe Connect account (  To locate the course’s URL, hover over the blue text in the URL column, and a blue bubble with the full URL will appear.

Note: The classroom URL will always begin with “” and will follow with the text listed in the URL column.  So, the URL for the “Tutorials” classroom is


Once the URL has been copied, paste it into the application, then click “Continue.”


You may be prompted to enter your username and password on the next screen, or you will be taken directly to the classroom.


Recent and Favorite Courses

After using the application to open your courses, they will appear under the “Recents” section.


Hovering over a course on the Recents list brings up two icons – a star and a rocket.  Click the star icon to add the course to your “Favorites,” and click the rocket icon to launch the classroom.


Once you’ve added courses to your Favorites list, you can access the list by clicking “Favorites” in the application.  Hovering over a course brings up the star and rocket icons.  Clicking the rocket icon launches the course, and clicking the star icon removes the course from your Favorites list.


It is highly recommended that you add all your current online courses to your Favorites list so that you can easily access your classrooms throughout the school year without needing to constantly paste the course’s URL into the application.