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New Program Features for 2021-22

New Enrollment Option!  Kolbe Academy is happy to announce additional full-time enrollment options for our homeschool families. Our full-time flex enrollment option is synonymous with our old full-time homeschool enrollment option.  The full-time standard enrollment option is

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  • Episode 22: Imagine Being Homeschooled
    AMDG. So far this season we’ve met instructors and parents, directors and alumni, but today we meet three current Kolbe students. Aidan, Jameson, and Peter are sophomores in high school. After… Read more »
  • Episode 14: We Don’t Think Those Words Mean What You Think They Mean
    AMDG. In this episode we visit with Nicole O’Connor, veteran Kolbe Academy online instructor of classical subjects, about her experience teaching logic and rhetoric. While the term “rhetoric” can have an untrustworthy connotation in common parlance, Nicole deftly describes how it is… Read more »
  • Episode 21: To Live Fully Alive
    AMDG. Today’s episode is about life and life in abundance, from the molecular to the cross-county road trip. Science chair Elizabeth Hoxie joins Bonnie and… Read more »

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